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Review: Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $0.99, $2.99 on iOS

Download: Google Play | iTunes


Marvel Games created Captain America: Sentinel Of Liberty which is a 3D sidescroller essentially. The live wallpaper I reported on launched along with this title and since then, this game has been one of the best and most selling on Google Play. It’s fun to play as the game has a ton of substance and depth to it. You’ll also notice that this title is mixed in with the original story and isn’t a made up fictional story set (fictional as opposed to not in line with the story written in the comics and movie) in the Captain America universe.

Upon purchasing and installing the game you’ll be introduced to the thrilling gameplay that is in Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty. This is one of the rare games where I find that the gameplay is actually half way decent. I can tell you that the controls are terrible, but once you get used to it all they became fairly fluid and easy to work with. I’m not sure everyone will get the hang of the controls easily, but it’s definitely difficult to grasp at first. There are many other sidescrollers that have done the controls right, I am not sure why Marvel Games is lacking in this area. All Captain America fans will enjoy this game at least if Marvel Games would release a patch to fix it.

I came across quite a few bugs in the game, which was disappointing. Some bugs were things such as completing a set of levels and not being able to go to the next for some odd reason. There are 24 levels total, each one has hidden pathways and are usually rather long levels. So instead of getting 80 short levels you’re getting around 24 more “open” and explorable levels which is nice. That is, if you could play them all.

The graphics in this game are awesome. You’ll be experiencing a comic like graphics with a little bit of realism mixed in. It’s a good mix. Especially for this game. Marvel Games did a great job on it, though I did not feel really immersed in the graphics at all. They were very nice to look at, but still, they were not very immersive. Experiencing the soundtrack was also nice. That was the really good part of the game. I really enjoyed the sounds.

Overall, the game was pretty stable and very playable aside from the few bugs I mentioned which I doubt will be getting fixed since it’s last update back in August of 2011. I feel disappointed that Marvel Games refuses to release an update and is not keeping their game up to date with adding new content such as levels and other things to do within the game. It’s a great game, it just needs some work. I’m kind of surprised that the levels were bugged. Some Google Play reviews claimed that you could fix the bug by resetting your device, but I frankly don’t want to reset it every time I want to play the game.

Oh well, it’s pretty good anyway!

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