Review: Captain America Live Wallpaper

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

Marvel Games, developer of the game “Captain America” has also created a live wallpaper for both your smartphone and your tablet. I’ve tested this wallpaper to make sure it wasn’t a scam considering a lot of live wallpapers are. I already felt that it wasn’t since it came from an official development company. I doubt Marvel Games would try and scam you as that would probably hurt their companies reputation a lot. With that said, I came across a really cool live wallpaper based off of Captain America. I literally love this wallpaper, its in high definition too, so it looks beautiful.

If I remember correctly, the Captain America Live Wallpaper was launched alongside the game “Captain America.” Both apps were developed by Marvel Games so it’s safe to say that both are very high quality. The best thing about this live wallpaper is that it’s completely free. High definition, completely free, what could be any better than that, I mean seriously? I am quite disappointed that Marvel Games has not made any other live wallpapers because I really, really like this one and they did an excellent job on it. I really think that they should look into making more maybe even based off of Spider-Man or something. Too many independent developers try to make these when they really should be left to the big companies. Don’t get me wrong, some independent developers do a fantastic job, but the company with all the resources and professionals also do a fantastic job. I feel like there really needs to be a balance in between the two. Obviously wallpapers don’t matter that much but people do make some really cool ones that I think could be worth a few bucks, if Marvel Games or DC Comics were to expand into making wallpapers, I’m sure they’d be very popular and beneficial to their business.

Okay, after installing the wallpaper it does not look very live, does it? Go ahead and tap the shield, you’ll notice that it’s now being bombarded with bullets. Good thing it’s unbreakable! I think this looks really cool on a Tablet with the high def screen and all. If Marvel Games makes more of these live wallpapers I think I would rather see effects like Batman standing in the dark with smoke rising behind his cape as his cape kind of waves back and forth with the air. Obviously Batman isn’t apart of Marvel’s franchise, but it’s just an example.

Marvel Games did also create the game Captain America, which I will be reviewing in the coming days. As of right now, I would suggest checking it out, it’s only $0.99 and very well developed. Performance wise, it was definitely meant for a tablet and not a smartphone. It runs slick on a tablet but seems to lag and overheat my smartphone a bit.

Overall, the Live Wallpaper is amazing, pretty sweet effects and really is high quality. I highly suggest looking into it as it is free anyway. Not much to lose!