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Review: Blow Up

Available On: Android

Price: $0.99

Download: Google Play

If you’re looking for a game to experience some seriously awesome explosions mixed with some fantastic physics capabilities, Blow Up created by Camel Games is the perfect game to fit your tastes. As most games would, it contains three difficulty settings and over 90 challenging and difficult levels for you to play through. Trying to get all three stars in this game is absolute madness but entirely fun. I so think this game was worth the $0.99. What more could you want? Awesome physics, explosions and tons of levels. How could it get any better than that? Believe me. It get’s better.

The goal of the game is to literally flatten buildings to the ground leaving nothing standing. You’ll be using three different types of explosives to accomplish this hefty task. You’ll need to carefully place these explosions around the building and then detonate them and watch the building fall and smolder to the ground. It’s pretty awesome to watch. Each level get’s more difficult as you go on which means more explosions. Not only that, but you’ll get the chance to see much larger buildings collapse and crumble beneath your explosions! I’ve had way, way to much fun with this game.

Also, the game comes with more than just three types of explosions. Not only that but it comes with explosion timers giving you enough time to get past all of your explosives before they detonate (good luck with that)! Another cool thing is you’ll be able to experience global high scores throughout all three different difficulty levels. Whether this is through Open Feint or not I am not entirely sure. I would assume it is as that’s the most popular social platform for android development but then again, it is possible they used another social platform.

The graphics are nothing to wow over. The graphics is not something you should be even focusing on as the game is all based around the physics and different ways to completely topple buildings. I had fun with this game, but it eventually gets boring. I love the physics and all, but it’s missing the immersive experience that many other games offer players. It was overall a good purchase but it’s really lacking a core part to the game. I’m not sure what but something does definitely feel like it’s missing. Whether this is just because these games usually don’t intrigue me or not, I’m not sure. I do think the game itself is missing substance and depth though.

It’s a stable game, it works great, the physics are amazing. I just got really bored with it after getting to around level 20 or so. I would only suggest this if you’re into physics and constantly doing the same thing over and over gain. You could look at this game like Amazing Alex. Amazing Alex has a ton more depth and variety of puzzles to solve than what Blow Up offers. Honestly, only get this game if you want to waste your money. It’s fun at first, but then you get really bored. The concept is great, but it needs a lot of help.

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