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Review: Attack of the Roasted Chickens

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

This game is absolutely insane. Ever wondered what walking roasted chickens would look like? You’ll find out in Menue Games’ new game, Attack of the Roasted Chickens. I opened up the game not knowing what to really expect. Minutes later I came to find out I was using a slingshot to shoot rocks at Roasted Chickens who were literally trying to break down my picketed fence barrier and try and kill me. I’ve never seen a game of this sorts, it is very, very unique. There’s also not a whole lot to the game. It’s your basic arcade styled shooter.

Attack of the Roasted Chickens does a great job of getting you into the game and freaking out because the charred roasted chickens are about to break down your picketed fence and murder you. The goal of the game or each level, is to kill every last roasted chicken with your slingshot full of what seems to be either rocks or pebbles. I’m not entirely sure as to what it was. After killing all the roasted chickens you just go onto the next level and fight more difficult roasted chickens.

This is another game that lacks a lot of substance. Killing these chickens to try and get a high score was quite exhilarating because of how fast they were moving and how fast they were about to tear down your barrier and kill you. After the level ended though, it felt really boring. I continued onto the next levels in hopes it’d get a lot better though. It didn’t.

The game is powered by Unity, which was cool to see. At least the graphics were decent. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot graphics wise, but it was actually pretty nice. Don’t expect realism or anything, because it definitely does not have that. It’s more of a cartoonish game that maybe a child would be interested in. I really don’t think any adult would enjoy shooting roasted chickens actively just to receive a high score. Then again, I could be totally and completely wrong on that point.

One cool option in Attack of the Roasted Chickens is the ability to buy power ups, extra life and some items that did some extra damage on the roasted chickens. One thing that they do, is it is definitely not easy to figure out how to use those power ups or extra damage items. I eventually gave up trying to figure it out because even going through the opening tutorial again didn’t even tell you.

One thing that I absolutely hate about this game, is how filled with ads it is. Everywhere you go in the game, there is at least one or two ads. When I paused the game I was instantly greeted with an add to download another app from a company I’ve never even heard of. The first time I went back to the home screen to look at items I could buy with my coins (no, you can’t buy them in the game) I was also greeted with a full screen ad which annoyed me quite a bit. I understand developers need to make money, but putting this many ads in a game is ridiculous. I want to play the game they created, if I wanted to look at ads all over my screen I could easily take off my AdBlocker on Firefox.

The amount of fun in this game is zilch. I would not even waste my time going onto Google Play and trying it out if I were you. The data I used to download it wasn’t even worth it. It’s a terrible game.



The graphics aren’t that bad really. It’s powered by Unity and has a painterly cartoon theme to it. I liked it for the style of game it was. It was definitely not something I would want to see in all my games though. It’s also something that felt like it was for a tablet and not a smartphone. It all worked the same, but everything felt very compacted together and blurred. Either the graphics need a bit more work to fix that blurry issue or they haven’t optimized it for smartphones yet.


The sound quality was terrible. I literally felt like I had to turn the music off to play this game. It really didn’t even fit the theme of the game they were going for. It sounded more of like a horror themed music. Obviously, seeing roasted chickens can be terrifying, but it did not fit the setting whatsoever. I hope they were not trying to make this game horror themed.


The gameplay…I was bored. All I was doing was firing the slingshot while the rock did it’s thing. Getting a high score in that game is difficult because it’s really hard to aim with the slingshot. I’m not really even sure what to say about the game. Honestly, it was worse than Lightopus, a game that also wasn’t very fun.


This game has no replay value, not even a fun factor. I hated playing every level, it was just completely boring and wasn’t enjoyable at all. It’s missing a lot. If you want my honest opinion, I felt like either they are very new developers or the amount of time and effort put into this game was at least a month.


I really hate to bash this game, I really do. It’s just not fun, there’s no point in going back into the game to kill more roasted chickens. The roasted chickens idea was a comedic idea, but poorly executed. I would of loved for this game to do a lot better than it did. Unfortunately, it was terrible and needs a lot more improvement before it released.

SCORE: 2/10

I hope they’re able to improve upon it and hopefully next time, Menue Games will have released a better game that has some substance and has some potential.


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