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Review – ASUS Zenbook UX32VD

Laptop shopping is difficult these days, because when you are going for power under the hood, you are trading size, and when you go for size, you trade features. It is always about compromises, that the buyer has to make in order to get the very best thing to fit his needs. As for the ultrabooks these days, they have to be ultra thin, and this automatically means the manufacturer has a cut a few corners in order to pack everything under one laptop.

However, the ultrabook by ASUS, namely Zenbook UX32VD just might be the first ever ultra book that does not compromises on anything. The 13 inch ultra book by ASUS comes with a third generation Intel Core i7 CPU, a full HD display, and a Nvida 620M GPU. If you compare it with the ultra books of the same size, such as the MacBook Air, lacks all of these features. However, the option to add Intel Core i7 is available for a cost of $1,599. The Zenbook costs $1,299, which is a huge amount for any laptop and even more so, if you are looking at ultra books which mostly cost as much as $800.

The design of Zenbook is somewhat similar to MacBook Air, but it is not as elegant or ergonomic as compared to MacBook Air. It comes with both hard drive, and solid-state drive (SSD), which sort of adds weight and heat to this device. Moreover, the Nvida 620M GPU is not that great. You can consider it as pretty low end, but it is better than not having a GPU at all. However, the GPU does comes in really handy for gaming on the go and situations when you need a full HD screen.

Zenbook generation started in 2011 when Asus launched the first Zenbook. It had many problems, including the lid of the laptop that was notoriously hard to open. However, Asus have managed to tackle most of the problems in the Zenbook UX32VD. The previous generation Zenbook were not on IPS screen, but the new Zenbook is. The IPS screen in full HD, is a 1920 x 1080 pixel display resolution, which is something we have never seen in an ultra book so far. Most ultra books, even the most expensive ones have 1366 x 768 screen resolution, which is comparatively ok considering that they only cost $800 at most. However, as soon as the cost crosses $1000, the resolution should be nothing less than 1600 x 900.

The audio from the speakers grille at the top is thin despite the Bang & Olufsen ICE Power branding, which is not a surprise, considering its slim design. However, the audio controls are separate and are assigned to Functions keys. So you will have to hit F10 with Fn key in order to mute the sound for instance.

Overall, the Zenbook is the most advanced ultra book that you can get your hands on. However, teh price of this ultra book can stop people in their tracks, but if you are looking for computing power, small size, and HD screen, then the Zenbook is the best laptop to buy.

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