Review: Amazing Alex – Rovio’s New Hit Title

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free, Paid – $0.99, HD – $3.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Rovio, the creators of Angry Birds, has recently brought on a new title to both Android and iOS called Amazing Alex. After the announcement I really wasn’t sure what to think about it. I originally thought it’d just be another take off of Angry Birds. Instead, finding out they were doing a puzzle game really intrigued me. It’s been quite the hit with getting rave reviews on both iTunes and Google Play. Amazing Alex is a physics based puzzle game with 100 hundred levels spread out through four different environments. More levels and environments are promised to come in future updates for free for those who have paid for the full game as the free version is limited to 12 different levels and one environment.

Each level in Amazing Alex is very different and has its own unique puzzle to figure out. The first levels are ridiculously easy but as you climb the levels it gets more difficult depending if you try to get the best outcome or not. The goal is to get a toy to a certain point on the level. That makes the game very easy. The game gets difficult as you try to get all three coins known as the “best outcome” for the level. Positioning boards and angling it correctly is what really makes it difficult, that is where the physics comes in. It makes it really fun, but again it makes it hard. In a way, I think that the three coins is for those who are looking for a challenge while a regular outcome is for the casual player that would just like to get through the game instead of challenging themselves. You could look at it as optional difficulty levels for the player.

Rovio did a great job trying to make sure the game was fun for casual players and players who are looking for a challenge. The downside of the gameplay, there is not much reason or willingness to go back and play through the game again. Thankfully it only has a $0.99 price tag instead of the $3.99 for the High Definition version of the game which only works on HD devices. Some reviews say that the HD version for HD devices does not work very well at all though. Again, because the game does not have a whole lot of re-playability I would shy away from that version as the regular version looks really good. I honestly just don’t think it’s worth it for an extra $2.99. Just an opinion though, if your into better visuals that may be worth it for you.

The graphics have a very cool comic style to them. I really enjoyed the visuals and thought they were very refreshing compared to a lot of other games on Google Play. It’s a very entertaining style that fits well with the games theme. All the objects, background art and animations all have that same comic theme making fora wonderful experience. All the graphics have the same theme so it’s not an odd looking game like the rather buggy graphics in some older Angry Birds titles.

The soundtrack is also really good. It’s like a cartoon take off of the jeopardy theme music which was most welcomed with the comic style of graphics. It has some other very well done tracks, but what felt to be the jeopardy spin off was what stood out to me the most. The style of music and graphics put together makes the game feel and look amazing. It’s something about that style that really draws you into the game.

Another thing you can expect to see is the small comic strip cutscenes they put in to try and add a little background story to the game. Some of them don’t make sense while others jump out at you with the silliness of it. They did a similar thing in Angry Birds with the comic strips, hopefully they decide to continue to do that in future titles and maybe even add a little voice acting to it.

Overall the game is great and has been really fun to play. The design is very well done. I wasn’t very sure how well it’d turn out after the many different Angry Bird installments. My predictions were very wrong and though this game has its issues with HD compatibility and a few minor bugs with the different stars to earn it is still a very good game. The music, the graphics its all very well done and I can’t wait for more levels to get through. On the other hand, Ihope they do not treat this game like Angry Birds and make a ton of installments with a ton of different updates. I’d rather see a new game coming out every so often instead of the same thing every couple of months. Amazing Alex was a surprise to see when the announcement came out and it lived up to all the hype and even the expectations from the trailer.

Do I think they could of done better? Yes. Angry Birds: Space was a huge game physics-wise so I wish they did a bit more with momentum and such. It’s not the perfect game, obviously, but very well done. I hope in future updates its improved along with the new levels they’ll be introducing hopefully fairly soon here.

Definitely a recommended purchase and a highly suggested game for any casual or puzzle lovers out there.