Redbox And Verizon Announce Their Netflix Competitor

If you’re not into the whole Netflix streaming subscription, Redbox is looking to compete with Netflix by teaming up with Verizon and making an app called “Redbox Instant.” Both Verizon and Redbox announced this service back in February saying that they were going to “combine forces.” Other than that not many details have been released on this new service. It would be interesting to see if Verizon would include this application or “service” as part of the contract with a discount. I’m sure many would switch to Redbox over Netflix in an instant if that was the case.

The long and continued wait for the Redbox service is certainly giving Netflix an advantage. It hasn’t been said what content will be in the Redbox Instant application nor how much it will cost. It is speculated that it will be $10 per month to keep the competition up with both Netflix and Amazon. Redbox Instant is shaping up to sound really awesome, but the wait is becoming ridiculous and users that are looking forward to it are making their voices heard. Aside from that people do hope that Redbox will be worth the wait and follow up to its promises of what it claims to be.

It is confirmed that Resdbox Instant will be arriving on a number of streaming devices though. This includes Android, iPod, iPad, Kindle Fire and etc. Still Redbox is at a disadvantage because it’s not competing with Netflix yet. They haven’t even released their service, so it’s giving Netflix time to improve upon their quality and amount of titles they have. Amazon launched with 5,000 streaming titles and that increased to over 18,000 over the year and it is still lagging behind Netflix. Between Netflix and Redbox analysts are wondering if it will even make a dent in the industry.

On the other hand, Redbox may just be a good service to cheapen your bills when it releases. With it’s partnership with Verizon is it very likely that Verizon will be offering a contract or package bundle. In that way, Redbox may become the cheaper option, but for now we still have to put up with Amazon and Netflix because they still have no idea when Redbox will be ready to come out for smartphones. Commenters all over the web are saying that eventually Google Play will be taking a lead too which also leaves Redbox little room to make its niche in the industry.

It’s also likely that it will be a subscription service and not their original fee of $1 a day on rentals.

What do you think of the Redbox Instant idea? As you know, Verizon and Redbox have teamed up to make this possible, but with Verizon’s history of making things really cheap and then boosting the prices up by at least 20% over 5 years is it really going to be worth it in the end? Let us know in the comments about what you think!

source: Tech Crunch

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