RapidShare unveils RapidDrive

RapidShare, a one click hosting service based in Switzerland since 2002, which offer both free and commercial services has announced an all new cloud file management solution called RapidDrive.

The new file management tool, RapidDrive, is still in its ‘beta’ stage. RapidDrive allows the user to install a network drive on the computer. The network drive is connected to user’s RapidShare account on a remote server, allowing the account to be integrated into the Microsoft operating system effortlessly. RapidPro subscriber accounts are directly included within the Windows folder structure, and all the files can be accessed conveniently using Windows Explorer.

It’s not the first time we are seeing such a service launch. There are boat load of similar services which offer exactly the same, such as Dropbox, SkyDrive, SugarSync and Google’s very own Google Drive to name a few. Most of these services sync the user’s account to a particular folder on the computer. The motive behind RapidDrive is also the same, to make cloud hosting simpler than ever. Since RapidDrive merges itself into Windows Explorer, the files saved on the customer’s account can be accessed just like accessing it from an additional hard disk. Also, drag and drop still works, so you can upload and download files using the drag and drop feature of Windows OS.

According to the CEO of RapidShare, Alexandra Zwingli, “With RapidDrive, we are providing a tool that creates an even closer link between cloud storage and the PC environment, which makes it easier to manage files. RapidDrive is an essential means of simplifying work processes, especially for customers who are regular users of RapidShare at work.”

RapidDrive automatically syncs with the remote cloud server, which makes it easier for the user to manage and organize files. For instance, if you have a Word file and you wish to upload it to your RapidShare account, all you have to do is drag and drop the particular file into your RapidDrive, and system takes care of the rest. Other computer which is connected to the same RapidShare account will have the file visible in its RapidDrive.

As of now, RapidDrive supports only Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. RapidPro customers can download the beta version of RapidDrive. Support for other operating systems, including Mac OS, is planned in the final version which is anticipated in September.

Such a kind of service was long overdue from a company like RapidShare, which is a veteran in file hosting business. All we can say is RapidDrive is a very good competitor for DropBox and the likes.

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