Preview Video Shows CM10 Working Perfectly

CyanogenMod is arguably one of the most popular ROM in the Android world. The CM team has been working on its latest version (CM 10) for some time now and recently Ricardo Cerqueira, a member of the Dev team of CM 10, released a preview video of the CM working on LG Optimus 4X HD. The latest version of the CM is based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Ricardo shared the video on his G+ ID, which we can assume he did just to show off how remarkably polished this new version is and how effectively it is working – so far. The device used in this video was Optimus 4X HD, which was working fine on the CM 10, along with all of its functions. Other than that, we did notice that the multi tasking on the CM 10 has been refined, which has mostly been an issue. But we should remain optimistic that the CM 10 will hopefully be much more considerate to our multi tasking needs and will not cause any problems when we try to do more than one thing at a time.

Another thing to note by Ricardo’s statement on Google+ is that, which went something like this, “the point of the preview isn’t as much the specific device, I’m just trying to point out that we can actually get CM10 to do things now on devices that aren’t named “Nexus”. So, we can assume that the CM team is actually working on to broaden the horizon of devices it can actually work on, which seems to be working fine in the preview that was shared with all of us.  So, if you have been aching to get your hands on CM, then that time is not far when you will finally be able to do so because as Ricardo said, you do not have to have a Nexus in order to use CM now.

Moreover, Ricardo also mentioned in one of his comments that all CM 9 devices will get the CM 10. Now, this is an update we all will anxiously wait for. However, unlike other companies or other updates that are announced, the CM dev team does not share that thought. Therefore, as of now, we do not know when the CM 10 will finally be released and when the CM 10 update will be available for CM 9 users. Hopefully, it will all be done this year, but let us just stay optimistic about that so we all can get out hands on this update as soon as it is released.

The work on the CM 10 development does seem like far from over, but we cannot say that for sure because the CM team, as per Ricardo’s comment on his post on Google+ goes, they are working on other devices. There is a possibility that the CM 10 might not work on all devices, but just on some. However, the CM team might work that out eventually and make their update available to be used on all devices and not just Nexus and Optimus.

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