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Preliminary Injunction Against Galaxy Tab U.S. Sales Not To Be Lifted

A U.S. court earlier this week, upheld the previously ordered preliminary injunction against U.S. sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. The Korean company had previously requested for the suspension of the injunction till the final verdict regarding the case was not delivered.

The case began when Apple filed a law suit in a U.S. court, back in April, 2011, against Samsung, saying, in building the Galaxy Tab tablet, Samsung has copied the iPad’s look and feel. Recently, Apple’s request to was granted when the court felt the sale of Galaxy Tabs could negatively impact the iPad sales and thus ordered a preliminary injunction preventing the Samsung Galaxy Tab from going on sale in the U.S. until the final verdict of the case was read. This injunction came into effect as soon as Apple posted a bond  of $2.6 million.

Samsung has also appealed for the lifting of another ban brought on by Apple’s request, of course,  which prevents it from selling the Galaxy Nexus tablet in the U.S.

The court battles of Apple and Samsung has been a long and complex one, with the battles being fought not just in the U.S., all across the world, which spans four continents. Court battles are going on in parts of Asia, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy in Europe and Australia.

Apple has been winning the majority of the initial battles, though a final verdict has not been reached in any of the cases. Settlement bids have failed to stop the battles. In a recent development, Google and Samsung could team up to take on Apple. The battle could get even tougher as there are talks that even HTC and Motorola might join the ranks. A combined force of an all Android team could tilt the balance in Android’s favour.

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