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Pre-orders for iPhone 5 kicks off in China

Typically, Apple doesn’t accept pre-orders months before the launch, rather they prefer to do it a week ahead of the official release date of device, but seems like pre-orders have already kicked off in China for the upcoming iPhone 5, though un-officially.

A Chinese site named Sohu has put a picture of sign board suggesting that the retailer is accepting pre-orders for the upcoming Apple device, iPhone 5. Officially, there is no word from Apple about the launch of iPhone 5. The hoarding contains a picture of big iPod Touch with iPhone 5 written on the top. A smaller page taped on to the hoarding seems to have more information about the device.

Apple just announced that the iPad can be bought in China from July 20th onwards. Apple products, especially the iPhone is a very popular in the country and is a major deal. As of now, this particular retailer is the only one accepting pre-orders for the device, and the demand is expected to be much more when launched. With Apple planning to expand its official supply chain in China, grey market retailers will find it difficult to sell these devices.

Since Apple stayed mum about the next gen iPhone at WWDC 2012, customers will most probably have to wait until this fall for an iPhone 5 release date. We are looking at September or October release, which means we are few solid months away from the official launch, so let’s take a quick look at some of the iPhone 5 rumors in the meantime.

The iPhone 5 is rumored to be thinner and is expected to come with 4-inch display. Also support for 4G LTE connectivity is anticipated. Some rumors also suggest that the next generation of iPhone would have a quad core processor running the show, which is likely to happen since the competition already has it. Also, features like NFC connectivity for mobile payments and PassBook support is expected.

Source: Sohu

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