Popcap’s Zombies Invade iPhones This Year

Leading zombie game creator Popcap enhanced its ridiculously popular Plants vs Zombies game by creating a new app called Zombatar.

To be released this year, the new app will debut only on iOS devices. Players will be allowed to create their own 3D zombie characters by choosing their monster’s shoes, trousers, shirts, hair, and even dance moves.

Users can interact with their monsters by pointing at the screen to get jerking responses from their characters. Players can also choose to add 3D zombies to their own videos or photos, enhancing the images with superimposed  animated zombies in the background. The said images can be downloaded to a computer and shared over social networks.

Players can also communicate with their zombies by utilizing voice recognition of their devices. Users can shout commands at their monsters to initiate the game.

Also Popcap announced that its hugely successful Solitaire Blitz game will be released to iOS devices later this year.

What is commendable about Solitaire Blitz is its excellent touchscreen interface as it slide cards to meet increasing competence of players.

This game will be compatible with iPad and iPhones. Cross-platform functionality will also be provided to allow players to play the game on Macs, PCs, and other smartphones.

Both Zombatar and Solitaire Blitz are two new amusing little additions to the already very enjoyable games. Way to go Popcap!

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