Patent Disputes End Up To Yahoo-Facebook Partnership

The legal battle between Yahoo! and Facebook that started early this year over alleged patent infringement has already been settled said the joint press release sent by both companies on Friday. Instead of causing problems, the legal dispute resulted to a deeper relationship between the two companies as representatives of each confirmed the launch of the so-called “strategic alliance.”

Both companies entered into definitive agreements which include a patent portfolio cross-licensing. Yahoo! and Facebook will start working together for their own benefits; among the things both have agreed to work with is the launch of premium media services that will provide both consumers and advertisers a platform for better experience which will be made available in Facebook and Yahoo websites, the New York Times reported.

The California-based web giant will also bring to Facebook users its considerably large media coverage of events by integrating social functions and capabilities to its pages. This scheme, however, is never new to both Yahoo! and Facebook owners. Starting last year, FB users can easily discover news stories their friends are reading on Yahoo due to deeper integration of services between these two companies.

Many people were surprised during the first quarter of this year when Yahoo sued Facebook over 10 patents (including internet advertising, privacy controls and social networks) that the latter allegedly infringed, according to the report by BigPond News. This even pushed many analysts to call the web giant a “patent troll” and was only seeking for a bigger chunk of money. It has also been cited that Yahoo’s traffic since September to December 2011 was tripled after it started using Facebook’s news activity feature.

Unsurprisingly, Zuckerberg’s company countersued making Yahoo-Facebook legal battle as one of the nastier cases in the Silicon Valley. The realization between them took a few months later. Fortunately, with the newly-found partnership, users of both companies would be able to enjoy their services even more. However, it seems like Yahoo will be the one to take advantage of this partnership the most.

source: Press Release

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