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PalmOS emulator released for Android, would be on Play Store soon

PalmOS users who had become desolated from the main-stream, ‘fruits-and-droids’ loving audience, can now breathe a sigh of relief.  The bridge between PalmOS and Android has now been cemented following the launch of PalmOS emulator which would now allow PalmOS users to run their favourite PalmOS based apps on their Android devices.

Though to most people, this app doesn’t make any sense. Who wants to get their hands on something which is obsolete, out-of-fashion and invariably- an object of ridicule?

Well, StyleTap believes its target audience is not the swanky, phone-tapping audience but it apparently targets the vertical industries which are struggling to port legacy applications which were developed to suit PalmOS, and are a misfit in the newflanged world of mobile operating systems.

StyleTap believes that with PalmOS emulator being released for Android, PalmOS apps have arguably become the most portable of all. Some experts however believe that Sinclair Spectrum, for which there are plenty of emulators, has a better reach than PalmOS. The comparison nevertheless is absurd, for Sinclair Spectrum does not support graphical interaction or networking functionalities. PalmOS on the other hand has been the most-popular and widely used OS of its time. (As a matter of fact, we still love that fascinating game of Go). We do not know much about Sinclair Spectrum. Hence, though with all the reach, Sinclair Spectrum succeeds in reaching nowhere.


SytleTap has already released its iOS based emulator but most people aren’t aware about it as it has not been listed on the App Store. Apple apparently doesn’t allow as it believes it can threaten their application distribution model by providing alternative to App distribution. Hence, if you are an avid iOS user and wish to port your PalmOS apps, you can grab the iOS version of this emulator from the Cydia store. (That implicitly implies you need to have a Jail-broken iPhone.)

With Play Store, things are a bit lightened up. Google as we all know does not have any strict norms for hosting emulators on its application distribution market. It may take a few weeks more for the app to finally get listed on the Play Store. Enthusiastic Palm-OS users, who feel they are stuck with a more obsolete version and need the switch over desperately, can download the app from the Cydia Store.

This move was much-talked about, much anticipated and finally that it has arrived, we hope PalmOS users adapt to the wind of change and port themselves to a more sophisticated, avant-garde OS.  The emulator would be a blessing in disguise for companies who do not want to reiterate their chunks of code and waste precious amount of effort in bridging the gaps. Understandably, emulator won’t run all of the apps flawlessly and is priced at a ludicrous price-tag of 49.99$- perhaps too much for what it does, but there’s always a trade-off you ought to make when you switch to something better in life. And unanimously, New is always better!

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