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Ouya: Android Gaming Console in Development, Priced at $99

An Android-based video gaming console known as Ouya is on the way to conquer a different kind of market. While there is limited information about the device for now, reports say that it will be targeted for game developers, both seasoned and homebrew. It is said to feature flexibility that could never be found in other consoles knowing it is built to be “hackable,” according to The Verge which first published the story.

The people behind the development of this console is stressing out that the focus of this project is free gaming. Releasing a cheaper gaming console would give developers a platform to come up with games they can offer for free or for a cheaper price. The fact that it is based on Android already exposes developers to millions of possible subscribers.

Yves Behar is the designer who built this console to look like One Laptop Per Child computer. To make things a little more interesting, this project is backed and supervised by people who have vast knowledge as far as  gaming is concerned; Julie Uhrman, former executive of IGN; Ed Fries, former Vice President of Microsoft’s Game Publishing; Muffi Ghadiali, familiar with the development of Kindle devices during his tenure at Lab126.

Ouya’s specs haven’t been revealed yet but since it will be based on Android, there is no chance it would sport mediocre specs. This project is still in its initial phase but it has already stirred the gaming community by stressing out it will set its focus to providing people free-to-play games. This will pose a competition with Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Activision, obviously. To be marketed at $99.00, it is a stab to the popular cloud gaming, OnLive.

This Android-based video game console will still have a lot to prove to both seasoned and immediate gamers. With a bunch of consoles, handhelds and gaming PCs available in the market today, start-ups may find it hard to leave an impression. So this is where the price (for console and games) plays a great role in acquiring attention it needs. This is a great idea for some gamers but apparently the developer is also suggesting a cheaper platform for PlayStation, Xbox and PC gamers. But let’s see how far this goes.

[Source: The Verge]

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