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OnLive Service Might Be Available On Sony’s Google TV

OnLive is a cloud service provider which lets you play games, through its application, on a television set without the need of a gaming console. Sony, which announced its new Google TV media device (NSZ-GS7) last month, did not mention OnLive gaming compatibility with its internet television box. But a look at the company’s product description page tells a different story.

As you can clearly see, under “Optional Accessories”, “OnLive Gaming Controller/USB dongle” is clearly mentioned. This definitely means that Sony already has a partnership with OnLive and plans to bring the cloud based gaming service to its internet TV set. The OnLive application, which was missing in the initial display model of NSZ-GS7, can easily be provided through a product software update later on. The Sony Google TV (NSZ-GS7) is already up for pre-orders for $199 and start shipping from July 9.

The other Google TV set-top box compatible with OnLive gaming service, is the Vizio Co-Star. This smaller device (compared to Sony Google TV) is also small on price, being available for half the price of the Sony NSZ-GS7, at just $99. The other major television manufacturer that has partnered with OnLive is LG, which will bring its own Smart TV products to the market in the future with OnLive gaming compatibility. Samsung on the other hand, is covered by Gaikai, which is OnLive’s rival in the rapidly developing cloud gaming industry.

OnLive is a cloud service and cloud gaming service provider. Using OnLive’s application, any computer, tablet, smartphone or compatible television set can be used to play hard core games which consume a lot of resources. Since the game itself is processed in the company’s servers, even a less powerful machine with a reasonably fast internet connection (5 mbps max and 2 mbps min) can be used to play these games. Many major game developers and producers have teamed up with OnLive and their games are available through the OnLive app.

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