Official Windows Phone 2012 Olympic Games app

Olympic Games, one of the major international event, is going to happen in a few weeks from now and the organizers have decided to launch an app for Windows Phone 7. Previously, an app dedicated to London 2012 was released for Android smartphones on Google Play Store, and now the organizers have released an app on Windows Phone Marketplace. Like the Android version, the app is developed by the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) and is designed to keep fans updated with latest Olympic and Paralympic action.

The app has following pages:

• Live Updates Page: As of now, this page only displays a countdown timer, however, once London 2012 kicks off, it should be displaying latest updates from various games.
• Sports Page: This page categorizes the events by sports. Each sports will have its own tile, and tapping on any particular tile will get you the specific events, news items for that sport, a photos page and an About page which will cover general information such as rules and venue information.
• Calendar Page: It groups events by date. Tapping on any date will show you all the Olympics and Paralympic events that will be taking place on that particular date. You can also set a reminder if you wish to so that you don’t miss any of the action.
• The Favorites Page: This page lists all the events that you have tagged as favorite or reminders you have set.
• The Menu Page: This page lets you view the games schedules and results, medal tally, athlete profiles, access the My Games section and administer the app’s settings. In the My Games section, you can read news about any specific favorite country you have set, including the total medals won by the participating country.

The management is also working on a companion app for London 2012, called as the London 2012 Join In app. This Join In app should basically help fans plan, enjoy and share their gaming experience from Olympics and Paralympics with their friends using social networking sites.

The app allows you to toggle between Olympic Games and Paralympic Games through the three-dot menu at the bottom. The Paralympic content is empty at present, but that page is expected to fill up during the Paralympic games which are scheduled on August 29th through September 9th. The official Olympic Games app is free to download and comes with few adverts. You can download it from Windows Phone Marketplace over here. Alternatively, you can also use the bar code tag below to download the app. In the meantime, you may also want to check out several other 2012 Olympic apps available on the Windows Phone Marketplace at the moment.

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