Official app for the Olympics Games now available for Android

Olympic Games, one of the major international event, is going to happen in a few weeks from now and the organizers have decided to launch an Android app to help fans keep an eye on all the events.
The Official London 2012 is pretty inclusive, covering all the events, and support for tablet devices makes it even better. Let’s take a quick look at all the features:

Results: Results from all the 36 sports in the Olympics and 21 sports in the Paralympics are delivered live.

Live Schedule: Allows you to keep a track of all the Olympic events that are happening. It also lets you view results in real-time, and you can share the outcomes of a particular game with your friends.

View live updates: With this app, you can view news, photos and social commentary from the games of your choice.

Calendar Schedule: You can view day-by-day schedule of sporting events. It’s also possible to select favorites and set reminders to create a personalized assortment tailored for yourself.

Sports: View information of each sporting event, while also letting you view the latest results, news, pictures and contextual information of games such as football, swimming and track.

Medals: View the total Olympic medal count that have been awarded during the gaming event, and sort by country, by individual or by sport if necessary. Also know more about what each of the medals stand for.

Athletes: Get all the information about the partaking athletes in the competition. Furthermore, you view their current Olympic standings, or track performance of a particular athletes.

My Games: Track the performance of any contributing country by receiving latest news and updates that can be personalized.

As of now, the application is available in English only and can be downloaded from the Android PlayStore for free. Head to the app page by clicking here

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