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Official Announcement From Microsoft: Windows 8 Release Set at the End of October

It’s now official: Microsoft is releasing Windows 8 this October. Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer for Windows Tami Reller announced to thousands of partners of Microsoft  from around the world during the annual Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto that Windows 8 is ready for release in RTM (Release to Manufacturing) versions as early as the first week of August. This means that companies availing of the Software Assurance benefits will be given full access to the latest operating system during the first week of August.

Reller also clarified that RTM is the time when Microsoft will be turning on the commerce platform so that developers can build their apps for Windows store and start earning money as early as possible.

The general public can avail of Windows 8 a couple of months later, at around the end of October. Additionally, Reller said that the Windows 8 operating system will ship in 109 languages and will be distributed across 231 markets worldwide. The date will also be in time for the release of some new nice tablets. In a prior report about Samsung’s new mobile product, it was rumored that the largest phone maker in the world will also ship out their most recent tablet sometime in October. This tablet will feature the new Microsoft’s Windows RT software.  Samsung had also announced before that the company is planning to support another version of Windows. The move is a boon to Microsoft’s effort to rival Apple’s dominance in the tablet market around the world.

Windows RT is the equivalent of Windows 8 designed to run on tablets. This new tablet-friendly operating system will also be released at the same time as the full-version of Windows 8 will hit the shelves. It is also worth noting that Microsoft will also be launching its own RT tablet called Surface in October.

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