Nvidia hacked, usernames and emails stolen

The biggest bogey of internet has bitten yet another big name. This time it’s NVIDIA. The company’s forum is off the internet grid now after being hacked. Last week, hackers broke into the NVIDIA’s forums scraping out usernames, email addresses, profile information and “hashed passwords with random salt values”. The event came not much as a surprise for anyone. In the time like now when hackers are rampaging out unbridled hacking scandals, this episode was just a matter of when and not if.

This recent episode has again raised questions about the reliability of current internet security architecture. The hackers are enjoying a free ride now compromising the security of not only the networks of big names like NVIDIA, Google but also high security websites of government agencies. Meanwhile NVIDIA forum has recommended its registered users to change their passwords on other sites which share the same passwords as on their NVIDIA forum’s account, due to security reasons.  The discussion on this problem has transcended the scope of a hacking attempt of a particular forum to a higher level issue of hacking per se. The time is ripe for all the internet watchdogs and internet security experts to contemplate and search solutions to ensure that no such event happens again in the future.  This requires top-to-bottom revamp of the whole security architecture to make the concept of hacking an obsolete phenomenon rather than just warding off hacking attempts as and when they occur.

So, the issue to be addressed is that of security architecture and not just maintenance. But for the time being, the California based GPU manufacturing giant, NVIDIA, is investigating this hacking attempt and hopefully will be back with its forum very soon.

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