Nokia’s Contact Share app for Lumia devices

Nokia is keen on releasing new apps for their Windows Phone 7 based Lumia line up. Few days ago, Nokia released Nokia Camera Extras, an app that would add features to existing camera app on Nokia Lumia 710 and Lumia 800. Windows Phone 7 operating system has a very basic camera app, and Nokia Camera Extras aims at bringing the features such as action shots, panorama shots and smart group shots so that phone’s capability is in par with iOS and Android counterparts.

Nokia’s moves do make sense as they won’t be choosing Android as an operating system for their devices and since Maemo is gone, they are totally relying on Windows Phone 7 and the upcoming Windows Phone 8 as an OS for their high end devices. Nokia had previously promised that they would be releasing plenty of softwares for their Lumia line up of Windows Phone 7 and after Nokia Camera Extras, they have come up with Contacts Share app.

Contacts Share is just “fill what’s missing in Windows Phone” app from the Finnish mobile giant and should be very helpful for corporate users. The apps which Nokia is launching bring features to the Windows Phone 7 operating system that a buyer would take for granted when it comes to a smartphone device. Contacts Share basically allows the user to send contact info via email or SMS to any phone including Symbian, Android, iOS and BlackBerry in a standard Vcard format.

Once a contact is received, it is either imported by email or when the Contacts Share app is opened, the contacts appear in People Hub just like any other contact would do. As of now, the app isn’t working on Lumia 900 for AT&T and gives an error that the OS version is not up to date. It was later confirmed for AT&T users that the app is dependent on yet to come firmware update, which may be the upcoming Tango update.

The app description also notes that the app won’t be compatible with CDMA. That doesn’t mean Nokia has stopped supporting CDMA phones and won’t be seeing day of light on Sprint or Verizon. The app is actually based off the SIM card and requires SIM card to be present in the slot.
Windows Phone 8 will definitely have these features natively. Nokia shipped 10.9 million of its Lumia line of phones in the three quarters since it debuted. It has even beaten Apple’s iPhone in terms of post launch sales, where in which iPhone sales reveal that they shipped only 5.4 million units in the first three quarters post launch. Since there are lot of Lumia’s already in the market, and keeping in mind the fact that Windows Phone 7 devices won’t be upgraded to Windows Phone 8, these updates do make sense and Nokia should keep them coming. What are your thoughts on Nokia’s moves? Is it doing justice to its users by bringing in features that should have been present natively? Share your thoughts using the comment form below.

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