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Nokia Unveils Twitter for Nokia App

Owners of Nokia feature phones can now access their Twitter accounts from their handsets thanks to a new Twitter app.

The Twitter for Nokia app is specifically made for the Nokia Series 40 and is free for download at the Nokia Store. It has a file size of 0.57 MB and may be downloaded on a PC first or directly on the phone. Nokia will furthermore pre-install the app on Series 40 phones to be released in the future.

Among the features of the app is the capability to post tweets and follow other people’s updates just like on Twitter apps made for smartphones. The @connect feature, which allows users to see the mentions they have gotten from other Twitter users, is available.  #Discover, which helps users see which topics are currently popular on the social network, is likewise offered. Other features include Search, Latest Searches, Trending Tweets, Public Tweets, and Favorites.

This can mean nothing but good news for users of feature phones from the Nokia Series 40 as it enables users to catch up a bit on the features currently enjoyed by smartphone users. A downside, however, is that tweeting might be a bit difficult since the device does not have a QWERTY keyboard. The UI is also not very appealing, but perhaps users will see beyond it and simply appreciate the features of the app.

Prior to this app, users on the Symbian OS could enjoy Twitter through the Nokia Social app, otherwise known as the Nokia Social Networking Client. Nokia Social, for its part, could access both Facebook and Twitter.

This new app offering is a signal that Nokia is working hard to enhance its feature phone experience even as it strengthens its smartphone offerings. Feature phones are still an important product these days for Nokia as the devices allow the company to generate some revenue to keep itself in the mobile phone competition. The Nokia Series 40 phones, for instance, has a following in regions like Indonesia and India, and caters to budget-conscious consumers.

Via: MyNokiaBlog

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