Nokia Transport Now Available for Download

Stuck in traffic and wishing you could have an option to simply bailout and reach your destination on time? With coverage in more than 450 cities and places with transit departure timings for 100 cities, the Nokia Transport has finally come out of the beta testing phase, being now available for download.

So what does this new app has to offer? Nokia Transport is designed to make your route planning a breeze in over 100 cities across the globe. It provides detailed transit and departure times for transportation options in 100 cities. Additionally, in over 450 cities around the globe, although it provides no time tables, it does provide routes. This is something that should change as Nokia launches the future versions of the app and improves it. In fact, Nokia has expressed the urge to launch future versions of it with coverage in more cities all over the world.

The current version runs on the following Nokia handsets – Lumia 610, 710, 800 and 900. There are further versions and upgrades that are expected as this is only a beta launch. Currently, those users who have been trying to download the app from Windows Phone Marketplace may not find it available, depending on where they are currently located. But that should be corrected over the next day or two.

The app is excellent for users who are on vacation in a city that they are not familiar with and can simply take their phone to smoothly navigate through the city’s many transportation options. Nokia Transport app also allows users to search for subway routes and timings, availability of buses on a particular route and even trains connecting cities. Also available is the option to check for the best transportation systems available for the current location.

Via: Engadget