Nokia Pulse Beta Windows Phone App

When Nokia launched the Pulse Beta Windows Phone app last October, they really intended that more of its users would be using the app to connect and meet up with friends and family. A wonderful tool that encourages users to plan and meet and even surprise each other by being where their loved ones are or when they are actually missing them.

Nokia Pulse beta is more than just an app to meet up. It integrates seamlessly with Nokia Maps and enables the user to find a location, a service, sends ratings & feedbacks, makes calls for a reservation at a restaurant, and even sends driving or walking directions towards the place where you find your friends and family. It has more implications for daily use as people can catch up on what their friends are doing, make it to a party at the right moment and even know who’s around in the location that they are in and meet up with them.

Recent changes to the Nokia Pulse beta seem to up this whole experience and now allow several additional features to boot. The new app now allows you to sync your Facebook account and sign-in using it. It allows you to start up a new conversation as soon as you tap open Pulse Beta. Additional features include a correct option for misspell email addresses and the option to consolidate several email addresses which a user may have. Finally, it also has a live tile on the home screen that displays unread conversations and messages.

Currently the Nokia Pulse app is available to download for Nokia Windows Phones and other Windows-based phones only. In case a user does not have the app installed on his phone, any conversation sent to his phone will get a link to the respective Pulse Beta download page.