Nokia Offers Data Gathering App for Windows Phone 7

Fieldworkers using Windows Phone 7 can now take advantage of Nokia’s Data Gathering app as the Finnish company has released a recent update. The version is 4.04, also known as Dazzling Dourado, and it is the result of collaboration among Nokia, Microsoft, and Seton Hall University’s Center for Mobile Research and Innovation.

Nokia’s Data Gathering App has been available for some time for Symbian and S40 handsets. In a nutshell, it is an app that enables non-government and charity organizations to collect and organize field data using a mobile phone in a speedy and efficient manner.

To use it, an NGO or charity organization researcher creates a questionnaire by means of the app. Then, using WiFi or a mobile network, they send the survey to fieldworkers. The fieldworkers go around and ask respondents to answer the questionnaire, recording the responses on the app itself. There is even a geo-tagging feature through GPS that helps the fieldworkers store the location of the respondents. Later, they can send the answers to the researcher who may analyze it at once. Nokia’s Data Gathering App intends to replace the slow traditional method of using paper forms to record the data, and later, a computer to consolidate, send the data back to the organization where it may be analyzed.

The app has proven itself popular among NGOs and charity institutions as it helps improve their efficiency and time management, especially when the data is used to make important decisions. For instance, in Brazil where the app was developed, Nokia Data Gathering allowed the Health Vigilance Foundation to track the spread of the deadly dengue fever.

Nokia’s Data Gathering App is free of charge and may be obtained from the Windows Phone Marketplace. Its minimum requirement is Windows Phone 7.5 or higher, and has a file size of less than 1 MB. Among the phone features it works with are phone identity, camera, location services, and data services. At present, the app is only available in English.

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  1. Actually the application is available in English, Finnish, Portuguese and Polish. There is a dynamic language loading component which pulls language packs over the air

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