Nokia Lumia Beats the iPhone in First Three Quarter Sales

Amidst the financial ruins and the string of bad news that Nokia seems to be finding itself, in here comes a piece of news that Nokia could just be celebrating on. In a rebuttal of sorts about the news that Nokia’s new line of Lumia phones are not doing that good, it appears that Nokia may well have sold more units than Apple and Samsung, its major rivals and the clear market leaders currently.

Nokia shipped 10.9 million of its Lumia line of phones in the three quarters since it debuted. Comparative figures about Apple’s iPhone sales reveal that they shipped only 5.4 million units in the first three quarters post launch. Samsung’s Android family of phones clocked only 1.5 million units in the same period post launch. This makes Nokia Lumia a clear leader. Or is it? Now take these figures with a different perspective.

The comparison may just after all be unfair. Apple had started selling the iPhone in only one country and through one carrier (AT&T). Even then they had started selling one model only. Only after they got a foothold in the USA did they venture out to the UK and then to the German markets after two quarters. Samsung had a similar sedate start. Samsung had started selling their Android smartphones first in Germany. Only then they moved on to other markets. Comparatively, Nokia had started selling their Lumia line of phones in no less than 50 countries. Apparently they are trying to catch up fast the lost ground.

Now if we compare a different figure, Nokia may not be able to digest that well. Apple had sold 100 million of their iPhones in the three quarters during which Nokia had been selling their Nokia Lumia line of phones. That is roughly ten times their sales figures. How about that as a comparative sales figure?