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Nokia Lumia 910 Will Be Running on Windows 8!

Nokia started of as the market leader and ruled the mobile industry for a decade but this has not been the case lately as Nokia has faced a significant slumps. In the past few years Nokia has been struggling with its smart phones lately and as the saying goes, “desperate times calls for desperate measures”, well that might not be the case for Nokia, but soon it will be if Nokia keeps on its downfall course. However, Nokia did make it official by adding it to the Nokia’s Device Application Access program.

Earlier this year, Nokia said that the Nokia Lumia 910 will be introduced to the users in May this year. As we all can see, that did not happen! Back in January, when Nokia said that it will be launching Nokia Lumia 910, at that time, not even the Nokia Lumia 900 was out. However, that is not the real news we intend to talk about. The real news is that the Nokia Lumia 910 is going to be one of the smart phones that will be running on Windows 8. As for you who do not know, Windows Phone 8 will be available in the market sometime later this year and Nokia Lumia 910 will be desperately awaiting the unveiling of Windows Phone 8 so that it can complete what is left of the Lumia 910 work and announce a launch date for this cell phone.

Although, it is still unclear what the Nokia Lumia 910 would look or work like, but we can take a guess that it would be something better than Nokia Lumia 900. As a reminder, following are some key features of Nokia Lumia 900.

Nokia Lumia 900 is without a doubt one of the best cell phones to come with the name Nokia so far. It is perfectly sized, perfectly shaped and perfectly designed. Its touch screen is 4.3 inches with a resolution of 800 x 400 pixels. The overall look of the Lumia 900 is pretty sleek, except for its screen because it is popping out a little bit of the case. Equipped with a 1MP front camera, this phone is ensures that the user enjoys excellent video calls on Skype and at the back; you get an 8 MP auto focus camera to take awesome photographs and make amazing quality videos. The features of Nokia Lumia 900 are nothing but impressive. The cell phone is a good combination of style and power in the user’s hands.

Overall, the Nokia Lumia 900 does give the user the worth of his money and honestly, this is a great smart phone to have. As for Nokia Lumia 910, we can take out of the Lumia 900 page and consider the possibility that Nokia will be setting the bars higher for their new flagship by increasing their new flagship smart phone with the best of there is, in order to make it worth every penny. As for now, we can only hope that Nokia will release Nokia Lumia 910 as quickly as possible or I think it is better to hope that the new Windows Phone 8 is launched quickly, so we can see a roadmap of Nokia Lumia 910.

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