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Nokia Lumia 1001 spotted at Remote Device Access

An unannounced device called the Nokia Lumia 1001 has recently been seen on Nokia’s Remote Device Access. Remote Device Access is a browser-based service that allows members of the Nokia Developers group to check if the code they created works on a particular device without needing to have the actual gadget.

Last year, this service leaked the Nokia Lumia 900, then called the Nokia 900. Just earlier this month, it likewise revealed the Nokia Lumia 910. The Lumia 910 had been circulating in rumors since February after Amazon posted images of accessories for the handset. A Dutch vendor also divulged that the device will have a 12-megapixel camera. However, Nokia has denied the existence of the phone.

Recently, however, the appearance of the Nokia Lumia 1001 at Remote Device Access, once again stirs up interest. The device had been discovered by someone from TechCrunch who opened Remote Device from a Nokia 500 phone. The search showed the Lumia 1001 in the results. To check whether what happened was not just a glitch, he once again did the search from a Nokia N9. Sure enough, the results once again included the Lumia 1001.

Unfortunately, the listing does not reveal the device’s specifications, but it is speculated that the Lumia 1001 will have Windows 8 as its operating system. Earlier, it had been announced that Windows Phones like the Nokia Lumia 900 will not be getting a Windows 8 upgrades. Thus, it seems quite logical that Nokia will introduce the new OS on an upcoming handset. The model number likewise hints that the device will be targeted at the higher end of the market, as Nokia tends to use this pattern in naming their phones. Thus, it cannot have an OS lower than Windows 8.

That said, Nokia’s Remote Device Access is not a very reliable source of information for upcoming devices. For one thing, the name of the device may be changed on the software. Likewise, the existence of the Nokia Lumia 910 which had also been recently discovered through the service remains to be proven. Therefore, unless more compelling evidence arrives corroborating the existence of the Lumia 1001, this rumor should be taken with a grain of salt.

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