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Nokia is Promising “Something Amazing” On September 7

Is Nokia planning something big this September? If the signs are to be believed, that might just be the case. In some recent snaps that were taken outside the now closed Nokia store in Helsinki “something amazing” is going to happen on September 7. What it could be?

Nokia is currently undergoing a troubled phase in its history, with a reported 1 billion in operating losses, dipping sales from the traditional models and reportedly not much excitement from the ripples that the latest Lumia smartphones are causing either. With CEO Stephen Elop even reporting that they are going to have a troubled third quarter as well, what could Nokia have in store to bail themselves out and surprise us?

Of course the message outside the store do means that it is going to be open again in 9/7, but is that it? Apparently not. In fact the blogging site My Nokia Blog is asking users to be prepared for all the amazing things that they are going to see in the stores, this could suggestively be hinting at some new smartphones that Nokia may have in the pipeline for launching on that date.

One of the possibilities is the Asha range of phones that might find its way into the stores about at the same time. These phones were displayed earlier this year and one might be tempted to think that they are one of the reasons to feel excited about. Also, Nokia might also be planning to launch the Windows Phone devices. In this case, they would certainly qualify as something really amazing. There is also a possibility that the Lumia phones, which are reportedly going to be updated, the Windows 8 could just be the reason for the excitement within Nokia.

Whatever it may be, it could also be a collection of real factors, and if you are at Nokia, that might be a great way to end the third quarter amid a financial setback.

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