Nokia Gives Away MeeGo Patents to Jolla

The Nokia Bridge Project was started to help employees leaving the company to pursue an idea on their own. Call this an overgenerous employer or a smart move that promotes the pursuit of technology that are currently not in the list of priority for Nokia, but the Bridge project has helped several good companies to break away from Nokia and start off on their own.

A recent development is the Jolla project, which reportedly received not only the technical help and funding from the Bridge project, but also intellectual property rights in the form of some patents that Nokia currently holds. The news that Nokia gives MeeGo patents to Jolla comes as a surprise to many. However, the fact remains that even if this news is true, some of these patents and rights were the results of the work of the same MeeGo team when they were working on the Nokia N9 project.

On the other hand, Nokia’s Mark Durrant, categorically denies that any exchange of patents ever took place. He mentioned that although they are proud of the support given to employees leaving the company and starting on their own, it does not include offering patents owned by the company to any of these businesses that are formed as a result of this project.

In a different note, Jolla’s founder Jussi Hurmola has however not given any clear idea as to when we can see some results of the Jolla project in the market. Having said that he has also not denied the possibilities of seeing something before the New Year.

Via: The Verge