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Nokia First to Bring Kaliki Services to Windows Phone

Nokia is back at giving their customers the best for their money and now they did so by releasing two more exclusive apps in the Nokia Collection for their Lumia Windows phone. The recent apps launched by Nokia included a Batman Origins Comics and a truly amazing app known as Kaliki.

First off, we will talk about Batman Origins, which is a straight prequel to the movie The Dark Knight Rises, which is due in a few weeks. Although, there is not much to this app because as mentioned earlier, it is a straight up digital comic that features two sides, that are Batman and Bane. All you have to do, what you do with a normal comic, is go through and read it. The amazing art work in this digital comic is provided by none other than DC Comics, which makes it an even more fun read for readers and especially Batman fans.

However, there is more under the Links section of this app. Evidently, there is another app coming called “The Dark Knight Rises: Prologue”. However, this app is not yet available, but we can all hope that it is made available as soon as possible. This makes it the third Nokia app featuring Batman with other being the Dark Knight Rises app.

Next up is Kaliki app from Nokia. This is a very interesting app from Nokia, which took everyone by surprise because no one was suspecting Nokia to do something like it, which makes it even more cool. In simple words, this app is a new reading app that reads news to you. However, the really interesting part about this app is that, it does not read news in a robotic voice. Kaliki has a professional voice actor narrate the news to you. All the news is taken from websites such as NY Times, USA Today, CNN etc or you can specify websites, to make things even more epic.

This app is especially for those people who like Audible and / or National Public Radio. Kaliki includes all types of news such as headlines, science, sports, celebrity, technology and many more stuff. With this app, you will have a wide selection of headlines to choose from and once you choose the headlines, this app will start reading news to you.

The requirement of this app is data connection. The users of this app must keep in mind that this app cannot be used in offline mode, which basically means that you will not be able to save any news recordings for offline use because there are no such options available in this app. However, this is something you will have to cope with for the time being.

For people who want to know more about Kaliki should know that it is actually a new service that wants to be the “Pandora for magazines” but it is not exclusive to Nokia. As far as we know, Nokia and Windows Phone are among the first one to officially launch it.

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