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Nokia Exec Reveals Plans to Launch Lumia Phones on Sprint, Verizon


Nokia has created a trend with the new range of Lumia smartphones as evidenced by its popularity in the States. These devices however are available only on a handful of networks in the U.S. But in a recent interview of Nokia’s Vice President of Worldwide Developers Relations Richard Kerris, some interesting information was revealed. He mentioned that the company plans on bringing the Lumia smartphones to Sprint and Verizon soon. This is a welcome sign to be honest as restricting the sales of the device to just one carrier isn’t really practical in the long run. He failed to mention as to when exactly we’ll see this idea taking shape though.

He further spoke about the company’s plans for the future and the Windows Phone operating system. He said that the company wants to stand out from the crowd of similar looking devices. He seemed fairly positive about the company’s future in the market, especially with Windows Phone 8 on the cards. He feels that “people will be climbing over themselves” to get Lumia smartphones when phones with the new OS are launched. What makes this info interesting is the leak of the Lumia 1001 a couple of days ago on Nokia’s Remote Access Device service.

He interestingly hinted at Nokia’s popular Pureview technology making its way to Lumia smartphones, which will bring smiles on the faces of WP enthusiasts. This could go a long way in making the Windows Phone platform more attractive to the users, especially considering the popularity of the Nokia Pureview 808 which made its way to the States a few days ago. With the wide fan following of the Lumia series across the globe, it would make sense for a device of its calibre to be in the market. It could however take a while for these devices to formally appear. Nevertheless, users can expect to see the Lumia smartphones on Sprint and Verizon “very soon”.

Source: Neowin
Via: WMPoweruser

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