Nokia Drive Updated and Ready for Download

A new update is being launched for the Nokia Drive Windows Phone app. The feature is known as My Commute. The app is actually a traffic data updater with the added feature of suggesting alternate routes for your daily route. It has a memory feature that remembers the time you usually leave home everyday and also the route that you take. As such about the same time you are about to leave it starts up and starts bringing you live traffic data. This allows you to start looking for an alternative route just in case the route you usually take is unfeasible. For those who have seen the Google Now traffic update feature, this is as good as that and should help you save precious minutes when going and coming to and from work everyday.

There have been several other applications that seem to have the day/night mode available, so there is nothing new to explain or to be excited about. Expect that Nokia Drive now has this and it works wonderfully well without having to do the switch manually.
The Windows Phone 8 has options to use resizable pins which are perfect for the purpose of creating shortcuts and one click launch of apps and even directions. Set a home screen shortcut for directions to your home and the next time you are away, simply tap on it to give you the directions to reach home from your current location.

Nokia seems to be gearing up for the Windows Phone 8 update which is soon to be launched. so while we are waiting for that to happen Nokia seems it is fit to keep us engaged with updates for the Nokia Drive Windows Phone application. the revamped Nokia Drive 3.0 update will be available for download at the Windows Phone Marketplace starting today. However not all the features including the My Commute feature will not be available other than in the US to start off.


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