Nokia Acquires Imaging Technology and Professionals from Scalado

Nokia has announced that it has completed the acquisition of developers and technology from Scalado. The erstwhile developers from Scalado will now join the ranks of Nokia’s imagine solutions division. The deal was announced back in June 2012 and as a part of this around 50 excellent imagining solutions experts from Scalado will now become Nokia experts and boost their already burgeoning reputation in mobile imagining solutions.

Jo Harlow, executive vice president of Smart Devices at Nokia has recently acknowledged this by mentioning that the acquisition of technology and professionals from Scalado will strengthen their imaging solutions division and will cement their position in the mobile market as providers of some of the best mobile imaging products. He also added that Nokia and the entire mobile imaging team welcome the joining of the imaging professionals from Scalado. They will join the ranks of some of the best minds in the industry who have been responsible for creating so many innovative and ground breaking technologies and products.

Together with the prowess of the imagine professionals from Scalado, Nokia can now aim even higher, bent on creating an out of this world experience for their customers with future products. Scalado’s premises and Lund as a whole now becomes one of the most important locations for Nokia because of their newly acquired mobile imaging team.

Sami Niemi who is the co-founder of Scalado, now will be heading the Capture & Relive, Smart Devices division in Nokia. Sami is thrilled to be joining Nokia along with his colleagues. He mentions that Nokia and the mobile industry are going through a critical phase and they are very happy to be joining Nokia at such times. In a rather reflective mood, he said that “the technologies and competences we’ve developed should help move from taking photos to capturing memories and emotions.”