Nokia 7 Sept Surprise?

There is much speculation and excitement this week following a sign spotted on the Nokia flagship store in Helsinki, indicating that something is up their sleeve following Nokia World in early September.

This flagship store is currently closed, but photos taken this week show the sign proclaiming that “something amazing” will happen on September 7. Whilst it’s thought that the store itself will reopen for business on or around that date, the message itself seems to imply Nokia are about to unveil something much bigger than just the re-opening of a store.

A visit of the blogging site MyNokiaBlog, show other images telling customers to “prepare to be amazed at all the new things in your Nokia store.” This is tantalizing as it suggests new products or innovations. Whilst unavailable at the moment, Nokia are inviting people to visit the website next week to find out more.

Nokia World, an annual event held by Nokia to promote their latest and greatest devices was originally scheduled for 25 & 26 September but brought forward to its current scheduled date of 5 & 6 September. Therefore the timing of this “amazing” event is somewhat interesting, coming as it does immediately after Nokia World.

So, what are those in the know speculating that Nokia are up to?

According to MyNokiaBlog, new renovations have been expected for the flagship store followed by the announcement of new products and devices once the store is reopened. Nokia launched the new Asha phones earlier this year and it is suggested this may be the ideal time to unveil the device in store.

Perhaps more in line with what we the public might consider something “amazing”, the blog goes on to say it may herald the debut of the new Windows Phone devices.

The blog, NextWeb also considers that new handsets are the most likely announcement, with suggestions being this may be the Lumia lineup being updated to support Windows Phone 8.

Whatever the announcement is, if it involves the launch of new products or devices, the reopening of the flagship store provides an ideal opportunity to attract users and for the users to check out and compare devices in person.

Perhaps surprisingly and disappointingly however, when asked for comment, a Nokia spokesman is quoted as saying this may be “much ado about nothing,” only confirming that the flagship store is undergoing some maintenance and will reopen on September 7.

However, this comment does not detract from the fact that Nokia are very much progressing with Windows Phone 8 and Asha. CEO is quoted as saying “we believe the Windows Phone 8 launch will be an important catalyst for Lumia. During the quarter, we demonstrated stability in our feature phone business and enhanced our competitiveness with the introduction of our first full touch Asha devices”.

So, clearly at this point, we are still left wondering what the something “amazing” is and whether it does turn out to be just the re-opening of the Helsinki store. However, certainly Nokia need an injection of something at this point, as they continue to suffer from weak financial performance as a result of heavy competition.

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