Nexus Q repurposed to play Pong

Remember Pong? Yes, the same Pong that you played when you were a kid. It had a seminal effect on the video gaming world by becoming the first commercial success story and giving birth to the very notion of the video game industry. Now, you can enjoy this 2-D tennis simulation arcane game with the latest Google Nexus Q. The latest Android 4.0 running media and entertainment device by Google from Nexus family is hacked by the pirate developers in virtually no time. This opens it for a plethora of software and apps among which the Pong is the one that stands out by a mile. Why? Because Pong on Nexus Q comes with a little sprinkling of spices, utilizing the Nexus Q’s volume wheel as the lower bar control. The old arcane game lovers say that playing it with Nexus Q is a heavenly experience.

The eccentric spherical shaped Google device introduced in June, 2012 is believed to get more quirky with these interesting hacks. Although, most critics have already written off this overpriced, oversized device by Google, specially the New York Times which pilloried Nexus Q by making comments like “wildly overbuilt for its incredibly limited functions” and “only one class of customer who should consider buying Nexus Q sphere: people whose living rooms are dominated by bowling-ball collections”. But, these hacked functions give some life to this bold device which is integrated with Google’s latest venture Google Play.

For Pong aficionados this hack, which turns Nexus Q into a controller for the game, can be seen as the next development in the Pong Evolution which started with the big Pong Cabinets and has gone through stages like DOS devices, desktops, gameboys and cell phone handsets. For us, the droidguys, this news brings nostalgia in the air.

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