Nexus Q, Play and Movies, and Youtube Apps Get Updated

Google is offering fresh updates for the Nexus Q media player. One update enables the device to be compatible with devices that have Android 2.3.3 or higher. The device originally worked only with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean since the Google I/O developers event, but Google had promised that it will be made compatible shortly on devices running the older versions of Android OS. Now, the Mountain View company has delivered on that promise, and the update has been uploaded as a Nexus Q app on Google Play store.

The app has a file size of 5.8MB and may be downloaded free of charge. By means of this app, users can stream content from Google Play as well as the Youtube app. The app detects every Nexus Q device in every room in a house, and may control the media player to allow it to stream music to many rooms or to adjust the volume and change the song.

The app can likewise work when people come over during a gathering. After they have downloaded the app, they can already stream music or movies from their smartphones to the Nexus Q. Thus, according to Google, users can enjoy the Nexus Q app without even having to own a Nexus Q device.

Along with the Nexus Q app, Google likewise introduced an update for the Google Play Movies & TV app. This app allows users to stream content onto their Android-based devices even if they do not have a connection. The app furthermore gives access to one’s personal video library, including television shows and movies, as well as those that one personally shot using an Android device. Reportedly, the app allows for speedier downloads, as well, and fixes several issues found on its previous version.

Lastly, Google updated the Youtube app. This app now supports the Nexus Q device and allows users to convert their handset into a remote control that may be used on Youtube videos playing on Android devices. Several bug fixes are also included.

via talkandroid