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Nexus 7 Usage Figures are ‘Impressive’ – Chitika

The ad company Chitika reports that usage figures coming from the Nexus 7 tablet are very high on its ad network as compared to those coming from the iPad. Specifically, for every 100 impressions from the iPad, there are 0.3 impressions from the Nexus 7 tablet.

Of course, 100 is still much greater than 0.3, but it should be noted that the Kindle Fire, which was a huge tablet success last year, registered similar figures. This statistic, according to the folks at Chitika, is already a feat, especially since the Nexus 7 tablet has not been available in the market for a long time.

The ad company, however, cautions that the data is only limited to those websites which carry their advertisements. These advertisements are the ones shown on mobile devices.

To date, Google has not released any information yet on just how many units of the Nexus 7 tablet it has sold since it was made available in the market. Recently, however, its 16GB model of the tablet has sold out on Google Play, and on some third-party retailers like Office Depot, GameStop, Staples, and Walmart. Yet, exactly how successful it is will be unknown unless Google reveals those figures. The sell-out, for its part, is not a reliable indication of its accomplishment. It could either mean that Google indeed sold a lot of tablets or that the company simply produced too little a number to meet the demand for the 16GB model.

Chitika analysts predict that once Google is able to cope with the demand, these figures will increase further. It could even surpass the success attained by the Kindle Fire or the Motorola XOOM.

All these considered, Google would be facing some competition once Apple and Amazon release their new tablets. Amazon will have several follow-up devices to the Kindle Fire tablet, while Apple is said to be preparing a 7-inch version of the iPad. These devices are expected to debut later this year.

Via techcrunch

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