Nexus 7 UK Launch – A Lot of Confusion and Failed Deliveries

A lot of confusion about the Google Nexus 7 UK launch. Amid reports that Google will not be able to provide a number of the content that the US model was launched with due to failure in negotiations with content providers in the UK, there has been added confusion about the exact date of the launch.

Currys and PC World stores, owned by the Dixons Retail group, were reported to have started the sale of the Android tablet on Wednesday. However, the very same day, online publishers had to amend their previous story as Dixons mentioned they goofed up the date of the launch. The Nexus 7 was apparently meant to be launched on Thursday and not on Wednesday as previously reported! There was similar corrigendum published elsewhere, but this time it was related with the online retailer Ebuyer, who also seem to have got the launch date wrong and had to call up and send an amendment.

Having said all that, there also appears to be reports about the much awaited tablet that are actually making their way into the hands of customers as early as last Friday. These were apparently the ones that were pre-ordered online with Ebuyer much earlier. Google, on their part, is also trying to get back into retail sales after the debacle occurred with the launch of the Nexus One, but they seem to be having a small problem too, this one dealing with the mailing addresses!

For those consumers who had pre-ordered with Google, the 8GB models are expected to reach their owners by this week. The 16GB models will however reach their destinations by next week. Apparently, Google has goofed up several addresses and gave the couriers incomplete details, which resulted in the delayed delivery of the 16GB models.

Via: ZDNet