Nexus 7 Is Killing the Kindle Fire in Terms of Sales

Google’s Nexus 7 is slowly but surely stealing the thunder from Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Amazingly, about the time of the last holiday season, the Kindle Fire was a hot product, fitting in the right price bracket for a cheap e-Reader that could function as a mobile entertainment hub without burning the bank. The pricing was downright just perfect and as more and more price conscious consumers found out, they had all the features that they needed rather than going for the pricier iPad, which had more features than they would ever use.

Now times have changed. Google’s Nexus 7 manufactured by Asus has more than the Kindle Fire has and yet has comparatively the same pricing structure. This means that the Kindle Fire is slowly losing the battle. It has reflected in the dwindling sales of the device off late. The Nexus 7 directly affects on two major USPs of the Kindle Fire – the size of the screen (7 inches) and the price.

Design-wise, the Kindle Fire is nowhere near the Google Nexus 7. While Amazon deliberately wanted to keep things basic and concentrated on pricing, Google, while looking at the price point, also wanted it to look good. The value proposition of the Kindle Fire, once a fantastic e-reader, now seems to be dwindling post the launch of the Nexus 7. Google’s latest device seems cheap and yet has the advantage of better technology and much better value proposition. Although the best model of Nexus 7, in terms of storage capacity, is the 16 GB version, being pricier by about $50, users are still preferring it than the 8 GB version.

After all what’s $50 when compared to additional 8 GB storage? Users are unceremoniously dropping the Kindle Fire for better technology and features. When it comes to performance and speed, the NVIDIA Tegra 3 super processors are calling all the shots powering the Nexus 7. The Kindle Fire is nowhere near it in terms of performance.


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  1. I agree that sales of the Nexus 7 are through the roof since they ran out so quickly – but can you quantify your statement/title “Nexus 7 is killing Kindle Fire in terms of sales”. I have not seen any numbers from Google (how many shipped etc.), so running out of an unknown amount of tablets leaves a black box as far as comparing sales. Do you have estimates? Thanks. (BTW I purcchased/own a Nexus 7…great device)

  2. I think the reason is clearly obvious, Kindle was designed as an e-reader but people liked it and thought it would have all these online features or similarities like the Ipad.

    Problem? It was not even close, it was just cheap software and tons of air. As for Nexus, it is being manufactured by one of the greatest Hardware and Electronics company as of today being Asus.

    I would not be surprised if Nexus competes with Ipad, and auctully catches up to it, in terms of sales. It has offline GPS,A voice like app like Siri, a customizable interface, and pretty much I believe Google is just a smart company and took it’s time instead of rushing a tablet to the masses.

    If anyone is choosing for a cheaper version of Ipad, or that does not prefer an Apple product, Nexus is the way to go people, even if it lacks the Gb’s of Ipad or does not have the apps. But i know there will be soon.

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