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Nexus 7 Does Not Support USB Flash Sticks

Google Nexus 7 is a budget tablet welcomed with great enthusiasm by the Android community, appreciated for its very attractive features package, offered at reasonable prices.

Aside from the good quality of the screen, the powerful processor, the latest operating system and the battery with satisfying autonomy, Nexus 7 suffers from rather annoying limitations imposed more or less artificial. The first one – the absence of a microSD slot for extended storage capacity – has come to light even before the official presentation. It’s true, the problem is not so pressing if we buy the Nexus 7 version with 16GB storage capacity, but the edition with 8GB may make it hard for media eaters.


For the latter, a possible compromise seemed to be to use the USB 2.0 port for attaching USB Flash devices, where to be stored a large collection of mp3s, videos or feature films. For reasons known only by them, the people at Google have decided to exclude this possibility, delivering Android 4.1 Jelly Bean without the USB functionality On-The-Go (OTG), required for using the USB Flash devices.

The list of omitted facilities for the Nexus 7 also include the protocol Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL), which would be allowed the micro USB connector to double as an HDMI output, providing high definition video content using a special adapter cable.

Currently, in addition to PC data connection, the USB 2.0 connector can be used with USB Ethernet adapters or used to connect a keyboard and mouse set.

Also in terms of omissions, we also have the lack of support for Adobe Flash technology, but the limitation is specific to the operating system and will affect all models of tablets using Android Jelly Bean, not only the Nexus 7. This decision seems to be taken even by Adobe, the company announcing that would withdraw the Adobe Flash plug-in from Google Play as of August 15. Instead, Adobe promotes HTML5 technologies for delivery of media content on tablets and smartphones.

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