News About LG – About To Release A Quad Core Smartphone with 10 MP Camera

Smart phones are popular because of one reason or another. One of the smart phone manufacturers LG, which is a South Korean cell phone manufacturer, is still struggling to make a good profit from the sale of its smart phones. LG recently announced that it has successfully managed to sell 3 million LTE smart phones in 10 different countries worldwide. However, it is still struggling to earn profits from its mobile business.

Recently, LG has confirmed the rumours that it is working on a new smartphone that will not only feature a quad-core processor, but a camera with a resolution that is bigger than 10 MP. Although, there are no other specs mentioned about this upcoming smartphone by LG, but it is confirmed that it will be a better addition to the line up of LG smart phones as compared to the LG Optimus 4X, which also featured a quad core, but with an 8 MP camera.

A recent report is of the fact that the LG Electronics Chairman Koo Bon-moo is taking a page out of Steve Jobs book and is directly involving himself in the development and planning of the next flagship smartphone of his company. The criticism might be true that Koo Bon-moo’s experience in this field might not be as impressive as Steve Jobs experience. However, this does not changes the fact that the LG chairman has a pretty good grasp over the areas of his company and products that needs a change in them.

When we talk about the LG’s chairman, it must be kept in mind that this is the same chairman who publically stated that LG is not making enough money out of their own technology. Despite the fact, that LG’s subsidiaries (to a heightened degree of success) such as LG Innotek, LG Chem, and LG Display are being used by other smart phone manufacturers.

On a side note, readers of this post must keep in mind that LG did announced that it was working on a thinking smart phone earlier, and this was months before Google introduced its Google Now. Google now is a product that has most of the features that were announced by LG for its “Thinking” smart phone.

As far as the looks goes, the officials at LG are not much satisfied with the fact that the success of their mobile division is nothing as compared the success LG has achieved with other LG consumer electronic products such as LG TVs and Displays. LG has to bring in innovation and new things in their cell phones in order to make a lasting name in the smartphone market, as for now, the users can hope that LG is successful in creating such smart phones that are truly able to rival the smart phones by its competitors such as Samsung and HTC. Competition is always a good thing and if LG uses this info correctly, then the hope of seeing cutting edge LG smart phones is a possibility that we will see in the near future.

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