New Windows Phone 8 Devices Found: Nokia Dogphone and Juggernaut Alpha in the Mix

A curious wallpaper designer from Love Wallpapers HD seems to have found a jackpot of information. We are referring to a list of upcoming smartphones that the developer apparently stumbled upon while testing his designs on the Windows 7 Phone platform. While we have heard such names as the Nokia Phi, Nokia Fluid and even the Juggernaut Alpha, we now have names such as the Nokia Dogphone or the Nokia P4301 and the Samsung SGH-I687. Now wait a minute. Did we mention P4301? Anything to do with P and Nokia immediately rings a bell.

Nokia’s Pureview technology based smartphone, with its stunning 41-megapixel resolution and Carl-Zeiss optics, have captured the imagination of the smartphone users across the world. A resolution of 41 megapixels on a smartphone was hitherto unheard of and created more than a ripple when it was launched. So, if the P4301 has anything to do with the similar technology or even a near to it, it should be interesting. It is unlikely however that Nokia will be tinkering with the iconic status that the Pureview is currently enjoying and should allow it to continue doing so for the next foreseeable future before deciding to shake customer loyalty. At his point, however, we have no updates and nothing else from the rumor mills about the device’s technical specifications.

Among the new Windows Phone 8 Nokia devices, the Phi is another device that interests us. It uses the Windows Phone build 8.0.9698.0, which is the latest. Things look like that after all Nokia cutting back on orders for additional Windows 7 Phones from Compal Communications (their Original Design Manufacturer) seems to do more with the launch of newer models than the in-house production.

At this time though the best thing we can do is waiting for additional info from the market.

Source: WPDang