New Virgin Mobile Store Coming Up

Virgin Mobile has traditionally stayed away from starting a store of their own. They have always used the platform of other stores, online or offline such as Best Buy to market their products and services. However, all this is about to change soon.

Virgin Mobile is going to open its first store this week, amid speculations that they are slowly entering the retail segment as well. However, sources from within the organization mention that selling devices or services is not one of the priorities for Virgin Mobile at this time. These stores will be rather targeted towards educating their consumers as to what Virgin Mobile is and what their services are.

They will also focus on what consumers can do with their devices. They are very focused on ensuring that the consumers find the experience highly rewarding. As per Ron Faris, head of brand marketing at Virgin Mobile, the objective appears to be make fans out of these consumers and make them coming back for more. Employees who will man these stores will have a very friendly mannerism in their customer dealing and the overall ambience and environment will be that of a lounge rather than a store front.

The whole idea appears to be very much on the lines of the Apple stores, which have a friendly staff helping consumers out in free sessions where individual problems are addressed to and also consumers are given education about their products. As a part of this whole marketing drive, Virgin Mobile has recently set up kiosks inside malls and even converted some of the Boost Mobile stores (which actually is a Sprint subsidiary company) into Virgin Mobile’s stores. However, this store is the first one specifically designed with Virgin Mobile brand in mind. Jayne Wallace, a company spokesperson, mentioning that this is the first of many more to come.