New Updates For Twitter Apps For Android and iPhones Include Expanded Tweets

If your boss does not care much about your productivity, you’re going to enjoy the new version of Twitter on your Android phone or iPhone. An announcement from Twitter revealed updates that promises “to bring you closer to everything you care about.”
Last month, the short messaging blog showed the implementation of the expanded tweets to its desktop version allowing a user to see previews play videos, view images, and see links to partner websites. That made the tweets more interesting and rich in details at one glance.
The several updates on mobile versions of Twitter will now include expanded tweets as well as new partners like C-SPAN and MLB. The new Twitter apps for iPhones and Androids with complete updates will now allow users more options and information just like when they’re using a desktop. Videos in a tweet can now be viewed directly in the app itself. Article summaries will be available when one taps sources like magazines, or images while videos also expand tweets to linked sites including Vimeo and Etsy.
As raised by some some users long ago, Twitter now support push notification for tweets of people a user follows so they can send a new tweet or retweet right away. This one eases the chore of filtering tweets  for accounts of interest only. The push notifications for any user can be managed via the action button on an account profile. These notifications in turn can be managed under account settings in a device.
The search autocomplete was also overhauled giving more relevant suggestions than ever before when searching for people or usernames before a query is completed.
An unfair advantage in this set of updates though for iPhone users over Androids is the feature to find “best tweets and photos for events experiences like on your iPhone. Now, Twitter for iPhone complements any live event, whether you’re watching from home or from the stands.”

Source: Twitter

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