New Line of Toshiba Ultrabooks – Designed for Home, Mobility and Entertainment

Toshiba is a well known name in the computing industry and it has always kept its promise with its customers by providing them the best of all innovations. Recently, Toshiba announced the growth of its Ultrabook line, which will include the Satellite U845W, the world’s first Ultrabook with an Ultra-wide 21:9 Cinematic display and Satellite 845 Everyday-Sensible, which is an affordably priced ultra book for everyday use.

“Toshiba is setting the pace in the Ultrabook category, building on our more than 25-year heritage building thin and light mobile computing products,” said Carl Pinto, vice president of marketing, Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., Digital Products Division. “For the first time, consumers can get the performance benefits of an Ultrabook in thin and light designs that cater to their needs whether it’s price-to-performance value, entertainment, or supreme mobility.”

“The ability to wake up in a flash, offer a more secure computing experience, and deliver great battery life are just some of the key attributes Toshiba has built into its new line of Ultrabook systems,” said Kirk Skaugen, Intel vice president and general manager of the PC Client Group. “The innovative and stylish designs of the Satellite U series coupled with the new 3rd generation Intel Core processors1 delivers a great choice for people looking for a compelling Ultrabook.”

Satellite U845W

The Satellite U845W is designed and optimized for entertainment, which not only offers premium features to its users, but all this in an ultra slim design as well. This is an ultra book that is best suited for people who love entertainment on the go and for people who require productivity power. The Satellite U845W has the privilege to be the first ultra book to feature a 14.4inch diagonal ultra wide HD TruBrite display topped with a 21:9 cinematic aspect ratio. This ultrabook is perfect for users who love to enjoy movies on their laptops. However, entertainment was not the only thing on the mind of Toshiba because this ultrabook is also perfect for split-screen viewing, which is mostly required in office applications, or IM, browsing, social networking, and for streaming videos. The split-screen feature is pre-configured to offer users the best multiple windows displays and users can set custom viewpoint grids as well.

Satellite U845

The Satellite U845 is designed for everyday use. However, it is not your everyday ultrabook that you find in the markets these days. In order to keep up with the Satellite U845W, the Satellite U845 has a few tricks of its own up its sleeve as well. The Satellite U845 is the type of ultrabook that features both portability and performance side by side and with a cost that is affordable for people interested in buying a portable high performance ultrabook.

The new line of ultrabooks from Toshiba is bound to stir things up in the ultrabook category, which will result in new innovations and technologies being introduced in the upcoming ultrabooks by the competitors of Toshiba. So, for now, people can have fun on U845W or choose a more affordable ultrabook like the U845.