New iPod Touch Expected to Share iPhone 5 Looks

The latest smart phone in the iPhone line is expected to unveil at the end of this year, and most likely it will be called iPhone 5 or the “new iPhone” if it follows the same naming convention as the iPad. For the latest iPhone, people are expecting a smart phone that is much thinner than its predecessors are and preferably with a large 4-inch screen and a smaller dock connector. However, according to some rumors, it is not just the iPhone that is getting all these qualities. As these rumors go, the latest iPod touch may have the same features as well, that is a larger screen and a thinner body.

According to a Japanese blog, Macotakara, Apple plans to give the iPod touch the very same 4 inch display that it is going to be putting in the latest iPhone, which will not only match their looks, but give a completely new look to the iPod touch as well. As for the internals of both of these devices, they are much different. Since, the iPod is not a smart phone, so it will most probably have the A5 processor from iPhone 4S as its debut in the media device. As for the back side of the iPod touch, it is going to be a new as well. How new to be exact? Well, it is said that the new iPod touch will have aluminum back, which will be available in two front casing choices of black and white.

The images that are popping up for the iPod have an extra hole in the back of the device. So far, no one knows what it is meant for, so people are welcome to share their guesses with us. Since, both iPhone 5 and the iPod touch will have the same display and the same resolution, it will be helpful in giving people a consistent experience of both apps and iOS regardless of which device you are using. Moreover, giving both devices the same display also means that it will be easier to manufacture one single type of display rather than two different ones. With the same size, it also means that the manufacturing of the device’s components will also be easier, which eventually results in greater manufacturing output, since there will be only one type to be produced.

Giving the iPod touch the A5 processor from the iPhone 4S is another clever move by Apple because the production line is already producing A5 processors for the iPhone 4S. So, no changes required on the production line in order to give the iPod touch its processing power.

The launch date of iPod touch is this fall, according to Macotakara. Apple is going to launch iPhone 5 before the launch of iPod touch, or may be both of these devices will be launched on the same date, as both will look very similar. However, we cannot be sure about the launch date of both of these devices; so far, we will have to wait until some official news comes about these two devices.