New iPhone Will Not Be Called iPhone 5?

The upcoming iPhone might not be called the iPhone 5, the name that many have expected the device to carry, following the pattern that Apple used in its earlier devices. Rather, according to a report by Gizmodo, the handset will only be called the iPhone. If this rumor is accurate, Apple will be doing the same thing that it did with the latest iPad, which is to drop the model number and instead let consumers focus on the product.

It may be recalled that the first iPhone, which supported 2G technology, was just called the iPhone. Following that was the iPhone 3G, then the iPhone 3GS. This was succeeded by the iPhone 4, which was also the fourth iPhone. After that, Apple released the current model, the iPhone 4S, which is the fifth iPhone in the series.

This could create confusion if the next iPhone, which is actually the sixth in the list, would be called the iPhone 5. It would also be allegedly be difficult both for Apple and its consumers to continue with the numerical pattern. If the pattern is followed, people would be buying the iPhone 8S in 2017, provided of course that Apple is still producing the same product by that time.

If Apple pushes through with this change, it could be confusing for consumers at first, who will likely be asking for the iPhone 5 instead of just the new iPhone once the device is released. However, eventually, it could sink in that the name of the new device is just the iPhone.

Still, that will not stop people from referring to the forthcoming phone as the iPhone 5, in the same way as some people are still calling the latest iPad the iPad 3.

Apple as always, is silent about these matters. The company could even take consumers by surprise by giving the phone an entirely new name that does not fit in the pattern, if only to grab everyone’s attention to check out the device.

via gizmodo