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New iPhone will be Thinner with the In-Cell Touchscreen Technology


According to the Wall Street Journal’s sources, the new iPhone will make use of an in-cell touchscreen tech, which basically combines the sensors into the LCD, as a result making the overall design slimmer than previous iPhones. The technology is similar to what Samsung uses for its Supter AMOLED panels, apparently. The new LCD panels will be manufactured by Sharp, LG and Japan Electronics (which is a combination of three companies – Hitachi, Sony and Toshiba). Sharp and LG have been touted to make display panels for the next iPhone for quite a while now, so we’re not surprised there.

What this means is that, there’s no need for an additional touchscreen layer on the iPhone, hence making it rather obsolete. So basically we could have a thinner iPhone to look forward to. In addition to cutting down the thickness of the device, the image clarity is also believed to be improved. The Retina Display seen on the iPhone 4/4S is manufactured by LG, a competitor of Samsung in South Korea. But in addition to LG’s expertise, Apple will rely heavily on the expertise of Japanese makers like Sony, Sharp, Hitachi and Toshiba for the new display.

A thinner iPhone is certainly welcome, but it’s the details and under the hood specs that matter to the users. While there is no info about the device itself, besides the fact that it features a bigger display, Apple will want to leave no stone unturned. The thinner iPhone could also make way for a better and a bigger battery according to WSJ. Battery life is quite a priority for Apple as we’ve come to realize by the new iPad, and with the new iPhone supposed to feature LTE connectivity, we don’t expect any different with the iPhone 5.

Samsung is synonymous with thinner smartphones right from the Galaxy S back in 2010. So there’s nothing revolutionary here, but as is expected from Apple, the iPhone 5 could be a major upgrade. There’s still a fair bit of confusion as to when this new iDevice will break cover. Some believe it will be in August, while some are sticking to the October launch date. We will know more as the days progress.

Source: Wall Street Journal
Via: Phone Arena

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