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Mystery Samsung Windows Phone 8 Device SGH-I687 Could Make Way to AT&T


A new Samsung device has leaked (kind of), in a user agent profile. The mystery device is believed to be running on Windows Phone 8 and is possibly a successor to AT&T’s Focus and Focus 2. The model number is believed to be SGH-I687, so it makes more sense to think of this as the next AT&T/Samsung Windows Phone. The original Samsung Focus goes by the model number SGH-I917 while the Focus 2 carries the SGH-I667 model number, so a minor bump in the model number is enough to speculate that it’s a successor.

Going into detail reveals that the native browser on the device is Internet Explorer 10 which is the default browser on Windows Phone 8, so this could well be an upcoming WP8 smartphone. We have no specific details as to when Windows Phone 8 will arrive, with merely scanty details available. The user agent profile further reveals that this mystery Samsung smartphone has a WVGA display (800×480), which hints towards a low end smartphone, because Windows Phone 8 brings support for two new higher display resolutions – 1280×768 WXGA¬†and 1280×720 HD. The profile further shows the device to have LTE radios too, so that’s refreshing.

This should give us a good idea as to what to expect from Windows Phone 8. We have heard reports about the Nokia Lumia 910 and the 1001, but nothing was substantial enough to come to a conclusion. This is good enough though as anything coming from a user agent profile is what we finally see in the device. We would have loved more details though, but it’s simply not possible with the launch nowhere close, so we’ll take this. If this leak materializes, do not expect to see it elsewhere, as all evidences point towards an AT&T launch. What’s interesting though is that the pixel dimensions make it clear that it’s not a high end smartphone. So we could see low end Windows phone 8 smartphones arrive in the market.

HTC is believed to be working on three new WP8 smartphones scheduled for an October launch, so we have that to look forward to. Looking at how things have fared, it seems like manufacturers would want to unveil their WP8 smartphones before Apple comes up with the iPhone 5. Let’s see how things pan out.

Source: Samsung Mobile
Via: Pocketnow

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